Will the Penomet Pump Give Me Better Results Than Surgery?

I was talking to Doug, the penis surgery salesman, about enlarging my penis, when he mentioned that there was another option that was much cheaper. He recommended using a penis pump, specifically one called Penomet. You can read more about the Penomet pump at www.penometreviewpump.com.


I always thought that penis pumps such as Penomet only made your penis larger temporarily. But Doug said that the Penomet pump came with an entire workout routine that would result in permanent gains.

Penomet is better than other penis pumps because it’s more effective and safer. It comes with these gaiters that basically control exactly how much pressure you’re exerting on your penis. So you won’t damage your penis by overdoing it.

Penomet also uses water instead of air to create a suction. Water is better than air because it creates a uniform suction. So your penis will get bigger in a proportional way.

OK, Penomet sounded interesting. But I had some questions for Doug about penis surgery. Before I laid my manhood on the block, I wanted some assurances.

Was the operation safe? Were there any potential side effects? Doug did note that one patient had become infected after surgery and had to have the operation reversed.

There were also cases — rare enough, Doug said, but they do occur — where the weights were not used properly and the operation had to be redone.

penis enlargement surgery

After we’d run through all the specifics, Doug told me go home, discuss the matter with my wife and ring him if I wished to set up an appointment with the surgeon. As I was leaving, he pointed out that the company itself could provide financing for the operation.

For some reason, I found this suggestion a bit alarming. In the back of my mind, I guess, I worried that if I financed my penis extension, and then could not meet my payments, someone named Slick or Ace or the Chicken Man might drag me out of bed in the middle of the night and repossess my genitals.

I also wasn’t crazy about the idea of 2-pound weights attached to my penis.

Impressed by what I had learned, I nevertheless decided to get a second opinion — to comparison-shop, if you will. So I called up another penile-enhancement firm I saw advertised in the local paper and set up an appointment for the next Friday at 10 a.m.

Ultimately, I decided to try the Penomet pump first.

So I ordered it. It was a bit pricey, but if it worked as advertised I’d be happy to pay.

The Penomet pump looked pretty cool. There are lots of colors to choose from.

penomet penis pumps

I was very dedicated about following the Penomet workout plan. After about three months I had gained around an inch! I’m pretty happy about this and plan to keep using the Penomet device.

After all, bigger is better when it comes to penis size!

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