When Should You Tell a Patient to Use VigRx Plus?

Disorders of sexual function can greatly diminish a patient’s quality of life. Fortunately, you are in a position to provide highly beneficial education, counseling, and prescriptions for male enhancement pills such as VigRx Plus. But first, consider whether the problem might be secondary to an organic condition or anatomic derangement.

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Impairment of sexual function can be a distressing aspect of vascular, neurologic, and endocrinologic disorders, and other conditions. Sexual dysfunction also may be psychogenic, and the patient may benefit from taking VigRx Plus. For some patients, rectifying a few simple misconceptions or explaining anatomy often brings a great improvement in sexual function.

Since issues of sexual disturbance may arise during any physician-patient encounter, be prepared to discuss and diagnose them. You can make a difference by applying good listening skills, offering commonsense advice, and especially by remaining alert for physiologic problems manifesting themselves as sexual difficulties. Without prompting, patients may fail to mention their sexual concerns.

The website www.vigrxplusreview-site2.com recommends being open to sexual counseling throughout a patient’s life. Office visits provide several major opportunities to identify sexual problems. Screening questions posed during appropriate moments of the physical exam may uncover various problems and concerns. Incorporating certain questions into specific parts of the visit, such as examination of the genitourinary system, helps you remember to include them.

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Obvious clues to sexual health problems include vaginal or penile discharge or other signs or symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Any time you review contraceptive options or prescribe a medication that affects sexual desire or function, such as VigRx Plus, you can open the door to a discussion of related issues.

Don’t let a patient’s age mislead you. Many adolescents become sexually active at much younger ages than their parents and physicians would like to believe. Note, too, that sexuality and sexual feelings have no upper age limit. Newly widowed or divorced elderly patients may be engaging in sexual activities that warrant teaching about STDs.

Homosexual and bisexual patients of both genders and all ages are accustomed to being invisible, so use gender-neutral language with all patients until their orientation becomes clear. Gay teenagers in particular hesitate to delineate their sexual proclivities to any adult who seems oblivious to the possibility that they are gay. As many as 20% to 40% of your married patients may be having extramarital sexual relations or using natural male enhancement medicines such as VigRx Plus.

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According to some doctors, it is a good idea to routinely ask patients how many sexual partners they have now or had recently. As a rule, it may be safer to use the word partner instead of terms such as boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, at least until you know a patient well.

Will you shock your patients or invade their privacy by raising these issues or offering VigRx Plus to those suffering from erectile dysfunction? Some may be offended, and many may be surprised. But if you pose your questions in a precise and nonjudgmental fashion, patients are more likely to accept them as routine parts of the medical examination.

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