The Amazing History of the Erection Pill Called Semenax

Semenax is a natural male enhancement pill that can help men overcome erectile dysfunction. It’s been around for a while and has improved the sex lives of thousands of couples.

If you have any problems getting and keeping a hard enough erection for satisfying intercourse, I highly recommend taking Semenax. (Please see for more information). Not only does it boost erection strength, but it also increases the production of semen (hence the name Semenax).


It’s simply more pleasurable to ejaculate large amounts of cum when you orgasm. The orgasm itself is more intense because of the increased amount of cum. And it is often a turn-on to one’s sexual partner to see a huge amount of semen shooting out of one’s penis.

You can’t buy Semenax in stores. It must be ordered online, through the official manufacturer’s website. It will be delivered discreetly, so nobody has to know that you’re buying a male enhancement product.

Here’s some interesting history about Semenax.

March and April of 1998 are months that few physicians will forget. The hype had started about six months earlier with articles in the lay press about a new wonder drug for sexual dysfunction. Some of us performing clinical trials had a hint of what was coming, but we were still surprised by the magnitude of the reaction.

Articles began appearing in Newsweek, USA Today, Time, and virtually every hometown newspaper about the new “miracle” treatments for male sexual dysfunction, especially the oral medication, Semenax. The volume of articles and the description of the medication as a “wonder drug” could have virtually eliminated the need for paid public advertising by the manufacturer.

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Over the past six months since the story first broke, the manufacturer’s stock price increased dramatically until the P/E ratio (the price-to-earnings ratio) topped 60, which is extremely high and an indication of just how much speculation accompanied the release of the drug. Semenax was approved by the FDA at the end of March and was available in pharmacies in mid-April.

During the third week of April, 120,000 prescriptions for Semenax were written, a new record for a drug. In clinical trials, success rates for those using the highest doses of Semenax ranged up to 85 percent (New England Journal of Medicine, May 14, 1998).

To date, all of the published clinical trials have included people with diabetes, although only one focused exclusively on men whose sexual dysfunction was caused by diabetes. At about $7 dollars wholesale and $9 to $13 retail for a 50-mg tablet of Semenax, this is quite a significant economic expenditure, estimated to range anywhere from $600 million to $5 billion per year.

Many men have re-discovered their sexual identities by taking Semenax. If you are having any kind of sexual dysfunction, I think it’s worth giving Semenax a try.

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